Willow Glen NJB Purpose

NJB is a competitive program, with emphasis placed on good sportsmanship, scholastic achievement, and skills development.

We truly believe that everyone wins playing in NJB. All parents and players interested in a high quality basketball program should strongly consider National Junior Basketball.

All NJB games are played on a regulation floor with a scoreboard and players wear a full uniform. Referees are certified and many officiate at the high school level. National Tournaments for All-Net and for Division All-Stars are held at the end of each season in Los Angeles.

Latest Update

NJB Willow Glen Family,

Registration for the upcoming 2023-24 season will open Saturday August 26th @ 8am. This year we will be allowing head coaches to sign up early at a discounted rate. This will ensure we have enough coaches before we open registration to the general public. We will be sending out an email to our distribution list shortly to identify head coaches. If you are interested in becoming a head coach for the upcoming season, please email us at

All The Best,
Willow Glen NJB

REV. 9/2020